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Privacy statement

You can find the privacy statement of the RÜBIG group here

 The online shop is up to date equipped according to the latest Web-Security-Standards. Data – transfer of all security – relevant data is processed via a 256-bit SSL encrypted data link (may be recognized at “https//” at your browser), which provides highest security levels. All proceedings related to the functions “my account”, “log in” and “add to cart” are executed in an encrypted form.

What is the meaning of SSL?
SSL is a cryptographic technique for secure data-transfer in the WWW. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL-protocol ensures that data cannot be read or manipulated during the transfer. Whenever SSL is in action, you will recognize it at an added ”s” (=secure)  at the term “http” of the URL. The name of the visited site starts with “https://www. ....).
The SSL encryption technique causes, that
1)    the content of messages is sent encrypted through the www
2)    the authenticity of the server is ensured
3)    the data is protected against manipulation