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Data Privacy Protection - 100 % Security

We are placing our requirements according to the highest standards, as far as the security of our client’s data is concerned. Your data is kept absolutely confidential and safe. Your personal data (name and address, phone no for further questions) are transferred via secure servers from your desk to us.
The online shop is up to date equipped according to the latest Web-Security-Standards. Data – transfer of all security – relevant data is processed via a 256-bit SSL encrypted data link (may be recognized at “https//” at your browser), which provides highest security levels. All proceedings related to the functions “my account”, “log in” and “add to cart” are executed in an encrypted form.

What is the meaning of SSL?
SSL is a cryptographic technique for secure data-transfer in the WWW. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL-protocol ensures that data cannot be read or manipulated during the transfer. Whenever SSL is in action, you will recognize it at an added ”s” (=secure)  at the term “http” of the URL. The name of the visited site starts with “https://www. ....).
The SSL encryption technique causes, that
1)    the content of messages is sent encrypted through the www
2)    the authenticity of the server is ensured
3)    the data is protected against manipulation

Why do we record your data ?
Your data is recorded and processed for being able to provide you with the best possible performance at order processing and shipment. More than that we need your data to be able – subject to your agreement – to send you electronic messages (newsletters) in order to inform you about our products and news. You my revoke your agreement at any time.

Which kind of data is recorded, processed and used by us?
Provided that you visit our online shop without registration (Login), you will not leave any personal data. We will set a cookie for the session ID (please read more concerning cookies in the next chapter). At the session ID the following information is recorded: IP-address, operation system, browser, visited sites, date, time and duration of your stay in our shop.
Provided that you register via “My Account/Log in”, your data is recorded via the registration form, which you fill in. These data is your E-Mail –address, your name and address and your phone number for further questions related to the order respectively details of the order. Furthermore your E-mail-address is used for forwarding electronic messages (newsletters).  

Cookie – Technology
Cookies are text-files, which are stored at the computer, from which the internet site, which you are going to visit, is invoked. If desired, you may delete the Cookies via the menu control of your browser at any time.
Via Cookie-technology we may provide the following service:
In case you are registered with user name and password
1)    you get a personal welcome at your next visit
2)    your cart is indicated automatically

Security by means of username and password
If you are registered via username (your E-mail-address) and your password, you as the owner of the password have access to your personal profile as a client. By password-access you may view, actualize and change your personal profile. For doing this, please enter via username and password the protected area “my account/ Login”. Even during the order process you view, actualize or change your personal profile in the protected area “add to cart”. Your password is stored in an encrypted form in our database. So we are not able, to identify it.

To whom do we pass on your data?
Forwarding service: we pass on your data to service providers, whom we need for the dispatching of the ordered products (postal office, freight forwarder, parcel service).
Those service providers are just equipped with this data, which is necessary to do their job (name, address, phone number). Furthermore they are obliged to strictly obey the data protection regulations and use your data just for the purpose of doing their work.  

Disclaimer for Google-Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a website analyst software of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so called “Cookies". These are text files which are stored locally on your computer and make it possible to track the usage of this website. The generated information (including IP-Address) will be forwarded to a server of Google in the United States and stored there locally. Google will use this information to analyze the usage of this page in order to generate reports about the activity of website visitors for the owners of this website and also to show related activity and services of this site. Furthermore Google will transmit this information to third parties in case it is requested by law or to affiliated partners of Google. Google will never connect your IP-Address with any related data. You can also block the installation of Google cookies manually/automatically through your browser software. Through the visit of this website you agree to the usage of the above mentioned data/purpose with the above mentioned methods.

Disclaimer for Facebook (Facebook Social Plug-in)

Our website uses so called Social Plugins („Plugins) of the social network, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”).
The plugins are identifiable by one of the Facebook logos (white “f” on a blue background or a “thump-up” sign) or are identified by the phrase “Facebook Social Plugin”. The list and the look of Facebook Social Plugins can be found here:
Purpose and detail of the data assessment and the further use and analysis of the Data through Facebook and your thus related personal rights and control functions to protect your private data can be found in the data disclaimer of Facebook:

If you are a member of Facebook and do not want Facebook to collect your data via our website and stores it in relationship to your Facebook member account, you will need to log out of Facebook prior to the visit of our website and you may also have to delete any related cookies stored locally by Facebook.

Furthermore it is possible to block the data generation of Facebook Plug-ins by using browser add-ons such as „Facebook Blocker“