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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I return the product I ordered?

You can return any item acquired in the online shop.

The address to send the item back to is:

Franz Rübig & Söhne GmbH & Co KG
Mitterhoferstraße 17
4600 Wels


Please always enclose the bill of lading or cover letter with your returned item accompanied with your invoice or customer number in order for the returned item to be properly assigned and the purchase price refunded. The cost of shipment will not be taken into account and these have to be borne by you.


Is payment via invoice possible?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible in our online shop to perform a payment via invoice. If you are already an existing customer and you wish to pay for delivery via invoice, we ask that you send your order directly to

Please take into account that in this case the minimum order amount is EUR 200.00. In case of orders falling below this minimum amount we will charge you with a surcharge amounting to EUR 30.00. In this case, ordering via the online shop would be cheaper as the minimum amount here is only EUR 10.00.


How could I receive an invoice without VAT (tax-free intra-Community supply)?

For tax-free invoices (defined as intra-Community supply or delivery to third countries) please use the mode of payment “advance payment by means of advance payment invoice”. During the ordering process you may further provide your VAT identification number. We need it to enable the tax free intra-Community supply.

Our order confirmation will be still sent including VAT; however, after the validity of your VAT identification number has been verified we will send you a corrected advance payment invoice excluding VAT.

Please note that only this procedure (payment by means of advance payment invoice) enables a tax-free invoice to be issued!


How is it possible to order items which are not in stock / not available?

In case certain items are not available in the online shop, please contact us by phone (+43 7242 471350) or by e-mail (

We may check their availability and tell you the exact delivery date, or in the event of a possible mistake in the number of items in stock we may correct these so that you are able to proceed with your order via the online shop.


Is it possible to make subsequent changes to an already submitted order?

Until the order is dispatched, it is possible to make its subsequent modification provided certain preconditions are met.

In order to do so, please simply reply to your order confirmation e-mail and inform us about the desired modifications. We will perform the modification where possible and provide you with our feedback in writing.