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Solutions made for our customers - Customers benefit from our experience

Besides our excellent quality we also offer a large variety of different linchpins. Only a perfectly fitting linchpin can ensure optimum safety and  functionality.

Furthermore, customers will be offered special designs with labels or logos on it.

The use of the pins is extremely simple and its uniqueness distinguishes it from all other products through the following advantages:

  • Easy handling (no support tools needed)
  • Time-saving
  • Resistant to dirt and corrosion
  • Straightforward (no-frills)
  • Cost effective
  • Industrially standardised parts



3-point linkage

A typical application of linchpins is on tractors. This is by far the most common usage, setting very high requirements on holding forces. Especially here, Rübig products and their quality are playing a big role.

Traktor mit Kreiselegge


Circular self-cleaning harrow

Wherever implements need to be changed quickly, linchpins are particularly suitable because of their fast clamping mechanism.

Kreiselegge mit Klappsplint


Nut-locking device

Can be opened without tools or damage to equipment. This distinguishes it from other Linchpins as a replacement (backup) according to DIN 94 specifications.

Wheel protection

A design having the best price/performance ratio. Essential security requires a RÜBIG Linchpin.

Mobile cranes and construction machinery

require on many places, quick, safe and clean solutions. From outtrigger plate to the swivel arm connector, from backhoe bucket to the counterweight attachment - everybody will find an appropriate solution among the approximately 150 RÜBIG Linchpin models of various sizes.

Formwork technology

Many of our Linchpins are used in the building industry, saving time and costs wherever scaffoldings and formworks are there.